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Insurance Has Become Scary EASY

By: Corey B
Posted: October 7, 2020 06:00

Ghosts, Goblins Insurance – TWO Are Terrifying; Insurance Is NOT

Insurance Has Become Scary EASY!

Ghosts, Goblins, Insurance – TWO are Terrifying; Insurance Is NOT.

It’s October. Horror movies dominate the television. Pumpkins leer menacingly from windows. And nightmarish monsters come calling, threatening tricks if they don’t get their treats. With all the terror about to befall Westman, there’s one thing that’s reassuringly ok to get excited about – insurance! Wait – “exciting” and “insurance” in the same sentence?! Oh boy - I can SEE the puzzled look on your face. Don’t worry…I’ll explain.

Stop Sinking, Start Swimming.

If you’re like me (and MANY others out there), navigating through insurance is like being tossed in the raging sea blindfolded with no water wings and being asked to swim North. Not a confident situation. But it’s not as tough to navigate as you’d think. I’m gonna toss you a small floatie of info, so you can be a little more prepared when you renew your Autopac…home insurance…business Insurance…etc, etc.

Protection From Headlights to Taillights…Roof to Tire. 

Bet you didn’t know THIS about your vehicle insurance: 
You can use an “add-on” insurance policy to top up the basic autopac…that could possibly save you some hefty cash. True story. 

You can get a separate policy that covers your windshield against road hazards like stone chips and cracks…with a deductible as low as $50. 

Your restored ’57 Chevy that’s your baby…can be covered with a specific “Antique” policy to keep it “modern” protected.

Plus, there’s optional coverage for liability protection…loss of vehicle use…protecting your vehicle against depreciation and rising costs of repair.

MORE questions about Auto Insurance? Answers are here

You Can Huff, You Can Puff, but You Won’t Blow THIS House Down.

Home, condo, tenant, cabin, rental…if it has a roof and walls, you can get add-on protection that’ll have the Big Bad Wolf walking away with a ruptured lung.

Home Systems protection covers equipment NOT covered under home insurance policies.

Service lines buried under your property are your responsibility. Service Line coverage protects you from those service lines getting “out of line”.

Sewer backup caused from drains…rain storms…and more – you’ll come out smelling like roses.

We won’t forget the flood of 2020. We’ll always “remember” that, but thanks to special flood coverage, we won’t need to “worry” about it.

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Old MacDonald Had a Farm…and STILL Has One, Thanks to a Great Policy

Just like a hen never lays two exact eggs, no two farms are alike. That’s why you can get a plan as unique as your operation. You can get a plan custom made to fit your…

  • Grain Farm
  • Livestock Farm
  • Farm Equipment
  • Farm Liability

…and a whole lot more. 

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An “EXTRA” Tidbit For You

Your home insurance is by far your BIG one. It’s all about family and keeping them protected. Any little “extra” that you could take advantage of, to give you that piece of mind…why wouldn’t you take it. Well, maybe its because you didn’t KNOW about it. 

Along with add-on insurance policies that can save you money while adding MORE protection, there’s this other great plan – it’s called EXTRA. The entire lowdown is right here

If you qualify for extra…wow, you are getting the ULTIMATE!

  • Extra personal liability
  • Extra coverage for equipment breakdown
  • Extra latitude to rebuild your home
  • Extra sewer back-up
  • Extra coverage for your child in university
  • Extra coverage for valuables in the home

…plus many other additional coverage options that extend beyond normal coverage. 

Not a Genius…But Closer

So let’s say this entire writing took you 10 minutes to read. The conclusion we get from that…is that you are not all of a sudden an expert on insurance. 10 minutes will not turn ANYONE into a genius. Especially when there is so much info out there…and so many policies at your disposal to choose from. That’s why this is a BRIEF insight into a subject that we don’t really think about too often, except at renewal time. 

My words aren’t gospel…but they are true. My knowledge is slight…but I’ve supplied facts. And if you’re wanting more info about some pretty remarkable money saving and peace of mind policies…I’m not the guy to talk to. That would be the EXPERTS - Ficek Insurance. Everything you’ve just read, they can do for you. Me…I can just TELL you. 

They’ve got all the answers to all your questions:

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