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Hey Tyler and Amber, Check This Out!

Give us the scoop!

Do you have an upcoming event that you want to share with us and our listeners? Send us a text or email with the information about your event and Tyler and Amber will share your event details during the Morning Mess, not just once but also a few times before the big day!

How To Take Advantage?

  1. Text 204-727-7827 or email starfm@starfmradio.com us a voice memo or video
  2. Within 35 seconds or less tell us about your event 
  3. Make sure to include who you are and what group you're with
  4. Start the phrase "Tyler and Amber, check this out..." 
  5. Listen to Star FM to hear your event! (Not just at 7:40am, but a few times before the big day as well!)