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Should snow fences be installed in Brandon to prevent drifting on streets?

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: January 24, 2022 08:44

A Wpg councillor wants more snow fences installed in his city

Image - snow fence - Canva

Here's an idea that might ease some snowdrifts on the streets around Brandon.

Winnipeg city councillor, Markus Chambers, wants to see temporary snow fences installed in areas of his city with problematic drifting snow. He says it'll improve visibility and reduce the cost of constant plowing. 

Chambers would like to see a pilot project adopted for next winter. He says there are already some areas in the city with snow fencing, and they work well in preventing snow from piling up. 

In Brandon, for example, there were complaints last week about 1st Street losing a whole lane to a drifting snow.

The city says it does make use snow fences when possible, 'but it's very limited as fences would need to be installed on city property.'

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