Rude lady wants me to watch her diabetic dog for basically nothing

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: September 7, 2021 04:45

Have You Worked Jobs with Ridiculous Rules?

Have You Worked Jobs with Ridiculous Rules?

Have You Worked Jobs with Ridiculous Rules?

This was shared on Imgur (link below)..

     I get wanting your Doggo looked after but... WOW.

Setting out the strict rules the owner insists are followed, she writes:

  1. I will pay you $110 for your services. You are there to make sure Junie is fed, watered, and medicated. That is a fair price.
  2. You are to be there 90% of the time. Last year our AC went out while the girl was at work and we lost two rabbits because she was not there.
  3. Any emergencies you will pay for out of your own pocket. You are in charge of taking care of Junie and if anything should happen under your supervision IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  4. Yes, we do have cameras and check them frequently. No friends over, parties, or anything of the like.
  5. Keep your phone on loud. I cannot stress how much anxiety I get when I call to check on her and I do not get a response.
  6. And finally 6. You will be paid in full approximately 24 hours after I return. I will make sure Junie isn't showing any anxiety, etc before I write the cheque.

She finishes it: "Are we clear?" and, unsurprisingly, the sitter chooses to pass on earning what works out to $139 Canadian for a full week's work, which could also leave her massively out of pocket should an emergency completely outside of her control happen to Junie.

She replies simply to say: "Hi Claudia, unfortunately I would not be able to meet all the demands. I hope you find a great sitter!"

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