10 Must Have's to be Ready for When Mother Nature Shakes the Snow Globe!

By: Westman Radio Creative
Posted: October 21, 2020 06:00

Leaving and arriving can be completely different

10 Must Have’s to be Ready for When Mother Nature Shakes the Snow Globe!

When mother nature shakes her snow globe. It’s very seldom that she gives it a delicate shake. Black ice, white out, fog, blowing snow she shakes it hard; like an angry mother’s finger disciplining her child and typically with no warning! 

When you leave home and arrive BACK home…the weather could change from clear to blizzard in a blink of an eye – that quick. 

Here’s 10 must have’s to be ready for the next shake of the snow globe! 

  1. Water in small bottles that can thaw quickly. Here’s a tip: Don’t eat yellow snow…or any snow if you’re thirsty. Eating snow doesn’t actually hydrate you. 
  2. Spare Cell Phone Charger. You never know how many games of Tetris you might have to play while waiting on a tow or the storm to pass. Being stranded is bad enough. Without a phone...even worse! 
  3. Booster Cables or a portable battery charger. After a few times having to push my car...hop in once it’s rolling...pop it into 2nd gear…I finally realized how important it is to ALWAYS have a set of booster cables in my trunk! 
  4. Energy Boosting snacks, like granola bars. If you happen to be shoveling your way out of the ditch or stranded on the side of the highway, no one will want to help a hangry stranger!  
  5. Tire jack and lug wrench. A Tire Jack and lug wrench SHOULD be in your car, but you’ll want to check before you get a flat on the side of the road! 
  6. Hand warmers. You can buy these almost anywhere and they work great in your boots too! 
  7. Tow straps. Either you might be the hero or you might need to be saved. But YOU should always be prepared. 
  8. Snow Shovel and ice scraper. Sure your hands can scoop snow, but your fingers will get cold fast and a shovel, even the small portables ones can scoop snow much faster!   
  9. Warm blanket or sleeping bag. You may not be able to keep your vehicle running the entire time, so bundle up and stay warm. 
  10. Jacket, hat and gloves. If you’re like me you like to wear your heels and fancy coat. While stilettos have a heel, they are NOT the best for pushing vehicles.  Keep a duffle bag of ski pants, winter boots, snow pants...even an extra jacket if you can. 

Here are some other tips recommended by Jess Cords, owner of Fountain Tire Brandon

Put your floor mats to work – if you ever get stuck on ice or snow, put your floor mats behind or in front of your tires for extra traction. 

When waiting in your running vehicle, crack open a window a bit and check for any snow that may be blocking the tailpipe. 

Stay Fueled up – Keep your gas tank no less than half full throughout the winter season, you never know when you might be stranded and for how long. 

And most importantly, stay on top of maintenance. From Oil, anti freeze, breaks, battery, block heater and tires. Book your car for a complete Winter Maintenance Check today. 

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