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Posted: August 13, 2021 07:00

Contractor, Client, Designer – It Benefits ALL



We all have one. The room you avoid at all costs. Out of date…old fashioned…neglected…just four walls of capital B-BORING. If that faded and chipped ugly color could talk…well, it wouldn’t. It would SCREAM…“Give me an upgrade!!!”.

Or perhaps you’re a contractor on a new build. Your job is to do just that - build. But flipping and flopping from design plans…to consulting with clients about their vision…starting…stopping; the time and money wasted – NOBODY wants that.

What if you could not only see the end result before it even begins…but actually walk through it! Saving everyone involved armfuls of time and money. Well, there is a way…and it is pretty darn spectacular!


If you can visualize it…it can happen VIRTUALLY, with the 3D Visual Rendering process. Before you grab your phone and google just what the heck that is…I’m gonna tell ya.

Say you want to renovate a room…or you’re a contractor building your client’s new dream home from the blueprints up; a 3D floor plan can be constructed virtually, that you can literally walk through using VR Goggles. It puts you right in the middle of your vision!!

But hey, if that’s too far-future for your liking, you can simply toggle through the 3D rendering using your phone or computer. 3D Visual Rendering helps you see your space clearly and gives you a stunningly accurate vision of what’s to come. And it benefits EVERYONE involved with the process – client, contractor and designer.  

No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best…or wiping your tears of regret when you realize it didn’t turn out the way you’d hope. Nope…that is dust in the wind.


Using the process of 3D Visual Rendering is not just the benefit of “seeing before starting”. There is a wide range of fantastic side-effects.

  • As I said previously, you can LITERALLY walk through a 3D version of your project, or toggle using your phone or computer…bringing your blueprints to life.
  • It’s a wonderful tool for contractors by giving you a clear vision of what your space can look like…resulting in money and time saved. It’s a real team approach to construction and design.
  • Plus, contractors can spend more time on the build, instead of being bogged down with construction design. It’s the perfect relationship between contractor, client and designer.
  • Consultations can be done in-home or online, depending on your needs; and a simple PDF with a 2D floor plan, elevations, 3Ds and link to your Visual Rendering can be sent to you to explore as you please.

Nowadays, money spent and time wasted is far more critical than it EVER was. So, to use the oldest of old cliches – 3D Visual Rendering is simply the “best bang for your buck” to beautify your home or build from the ground up. For a more in-depth look at how the process really works, and for all services offered from JT Interiors Design Group OF Oak Lake Beach, click here. 


The scope of 3D Visual Rendering is so vast in the many ways it benefits all involved, from contractor to client to designer…that these past few words can’t even come close to describing it. I’m not a professional in this field, but JT Interiors Design Group of Oak Lake Beach IS. They have over 20 years experience in design featuring renovations, creative living space, new builds and turning your dream home into reality. Their clients span from all of the Prairie Provinces to Alberta…to the US border.

Whether you’re a client or contractor, I HIGHLY suggest you check them out.

For examples of JT Interiors Design Group’s incredible transformations and creations, as well as all the info you need to get started, just simply (visit here) 

See some incredible videos of JT Interiors Design Group - befores…afters…and everything in between, right here 


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