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Better Than Take Out, a Fresh Twist On Frozen Pizza

By: Westman Radio Creative Writer
Posted: September 8, 2020 06:00

Frozen pizza, that tastes HOME MADE

It’s been a long day/week/ 2020… You don’t feel like cooking. Your favorite pizza delivery will take over an hour, you don’t feel like going out again … and the kids are hungry now! And frozen pizza? No thanks!


What if I told you that there’s a frozen pizza that’s better than take out!

A home baked frozen pizza; that’s just as good as mom makes; with fresh, local ingredients!

It’s Spenst Bros Frozen Pizza 

You’d say …


Better than Take Out!

Not only does Spenst Bros. Frozen Pizza taste better, but you can slip outta your work clothes and into your lounge wear; stay in for the night. Forget about a stranger coming to your door. Turn up the oven to 425 and unwind to the smell of fresh baked pizza! In 15 to 20 minutes … you’ll forget all about your day/week/2020 … yes, Spenst Bros frozen pizza is THAT good! You’ll want to fill your freezer; move over bread, Spenst Bros pizza’s moving in!

Home Made … Just like Mom makes (maybe better)

This is not just any pizza…It’s the home made tasting pizza like Mom would make. Starting with a secret family recipe, fresh dough, kneaded with love.

Covered with just the right amount of sauce. Their secret sauce recipe is so tasty, that you’d NEVER use a napkin to wipe it off your face … you’ll stretch your tongue as far as it’ll go, to not waste a drop. Fresh toppings: 100% hormone and steroid free meats raised in Winkler, prepared fresh in the store. Hand placed for just the right about of toppings per bite! Topped off with proudly Canadian; Bothwell cheese

A slice of Heaven

Get convenience without compromising quality and taste! A made in Manitoba home baked pizza, that’s better than take out! Now that’s a slice of heaven. Toss one in the oven tonight! Get it here. And now all Brandon Sobey’s and Safeway locations.


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