Day The Earth Went Dark

By: Corey Bright
Posted: September 9, 2020 06:00

So... Why Solar?



Food spoiled. Cell phones ran dead. The lights went out and stayed out. Fall 2019 – when the world went dark. For those unlucky enough to be trapped last fall in the Manitoba pockets where power lines froze for weeks…the answer to “why solar?” becomes vitally clear. If you can’t recall the October tragedy of last year, check out this Global News link for a stark reminder:


The sun has been keeping the planet alive for a long time… FOREVER. If that’s not a great track record for building trust as a reliable power source, then we seriously need to rethink our thinking.

Evolve Green, Manitoba’s pros when it comes to engineering and installing renewable energy systems, would like to pull the plug on some common myths about solar power and shine a light on the truths. One MASSIVE misconception is that it’s expensive. Simply NOT true. In fact you can finance up to $20,000 from Hydro for your solar system. 

For details, click here.                                                                          

That’s just ONE perk for choosing solar. The following is a list of benefits and reasons why it really IS the right choice.


It’s an Investment
-    Solar is one of the most secure investments you can make, as you’ll retain the value on your roof. Solar NEVER depreciates and it’ll start paying you from Day 1.
Farm or Business Owner?
-    If you own a farm or business, your solar is a 100% tax write-off in the year purchased…with farms paying no PST.
Battery Back-up
-    Remember our little talk about the fall of 2019? With solar, if the grid ever fails…yours wont. Never worry about power outages…losing food in your freezer…basement flooding…being “left in the dark” again! Battery back-up solutions are solar ready.
Environment Friendly
-    Mother Nature has given us the gift of the Sun ‘cause it is the MOTHER of all that is environmentally friendly. You cant GET any eco-better than that…and it never runs out.  
By Going Green, KEEP More Green in Your Pocket
-    With a solar plan, you’re only paying 7 cents per Kilowatt. That’s more affordable than Manitoba Hydro – 25% more affordable.

SO, TO “SUN” UP…….

The benefits and reasons why Solar is the “go to, to keep things going” is as vast and as relevant as the Sun itself. We’ve just mentioned a solar flare few. It’s a never ending source of eco-friendly…powerful….reliable…and sustainable energy, ready to use at our disposal. Add in Evolve Green, the PREMIER EXPERTS who design and build every kind of solar solution imaginable, and you’ll never have to worry about frozen food getting spoiled…cell phones running dead…or your world going dark…EVER AGAIN. 

So, in using the famous line from that famous song…”Let the sun shine in”.

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