Your Guide to Getting the 'Oh So Perfect' Christmas Tree this Year

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Posted: November 18, 2020 06:00

Alternative Landscaping takes the guess work outta finding the oh so perfect Christmas Tree this year!

Your Guide to Getting the 'Oh So Perfect' Christmas Tree this Year

With Rudolph lighting the way...Covid’s not gonna red-light Santa from bringing Christmas THIS year. No HO HO way! Oh 2020 IS going to different – some old traditions may have to be boxed under the stairs ‘til next year, but new ones will be decking the halls with festive galore. One tradition that most certainly will NOT go away – is the Christmas Tree. 

Picking that “oh so perfect” tree can be a very difficult task. Remember last year, grabbing that wrapped up, full bodied tree...only to take it home, let it “settle” and discover it’s a malnourished runt that only Charlie Brown could appreciate.   

You COULD pull a Griswold’s Christmas tree hunt... 

...walk into the woods, cut a tree down with your bare hands, and slap it on the roof of the wagon and head home happy as a partridge in a pear tree. But you’d waste an entire Saturday driving into the country, freezing your toes, coming home with a tree that won’t fit in the living room...and maybe get arrested, ‘cause I don’t think it’s actually legal to do that.  

Well thanks to Alternative Choice Garden Centre, you can keep the Family Griswold experience to movie land. The trees are hung in a way so you know exactly what your getting. No surprises when you get home...and you can decorate the tree the minute you throw your parka in the closet. And here’s an added beauty part to the whole experience – you can make this a NEW family tradition, one where choose a live tree...fixed “oh so perfect”...from Winter Alternative Choice Garden Centre.  

Before we put the final “bow on the box”, it wouldn’t be very Christmas Cheery of us if we didn’t offer some GREAT tips on keeping that Christmas Tree Lane tree looking “holly jolly” into the new year. Karin Griffin, owner of Alternative Choice Garden Center shares her advice. 

This year, more than ever, you may want to put your tree up a little sooner. According to the Virtual Museum of Canada the tradition of the Christmas Tree was to welcome peace, renewal and health! With the way things are right now, we could use a heavy dose of each! 

1 - Let your tree relax. 

If your tree is wrapped in netting when you buy it, it’s important to let it relax for 2 to 3 days before decorating.  

However, as previously stated Alternative Choice Garden Center hangs their Christmas Trees so you know exactly what your tree will look like...and you can decorate it the day you take it home!  

2 - Give it lots of water. Like...LOTS. 

Fun fact: your tree needs around two to three pints of water a day.  

"Your Christmas tree will need to drink more than you do this Christmas, so give it around two (to three) pints of water a day and it will be as happy as uncle Larry." 

Always top up the water level. Once the level drops below the tree’s trunk, sap will re-seal the bark within a few hours...preventing the tree from drinking any more water.    

3 - Prepare the trunk. 

You’re well aware that you need to saw the trunk, but did you know how much to cut? At least an inch! Karin Griffin, Owner of Alternative Choice Garden Centre says that they’ll cut it for you, if you intend to put it up right away!    

4 - Keep it away from heat  

Obvious, but essential. Heat will dry it out. The further your tree is from vents, radiators or fireplaces, the fresher your tree will remain.  

5 - Be mindful of timing. 

Once they’re cut, they begin to die. A Christmas Tree will last approximately six weeks, so if you like to take your tree down on boxing day … set it up sooner.  

At Alternative Choice garden Centre, you can pick your tree and they’ll store it for you until you’re ready! Even deliver any day until December 23 with a pick up on January 5th for a small fee.  

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